Is She Really Going Out With Him

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David Ian “Joe” Jackson (born 11 August 1954) is an English musician and singer-songwriter.

He subsequently relocated from England to New York and then to Berlin. He recorded 19 studio albums and garnered 5 Grammy Award nominations in a career extending from 1979 to today. After years of studying music and playing clubs, Jackson’s first release, “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” became a hit in 1979. This was followed by a number of new wave singles before he moved to more jazz-inflected pop music and had a Top 10 hit in 1982 with “Steppin’ Out”. He has also composed classical music.

Is She Really Going Out with Him?” is the first single released by British musician Joe Jackson in September 1978. The track, which was to achieve greater commercial success when reissued in 1979, was included on Jackson’s debut album, Look Sharp!.

According to Joe Jackson, the song originated from when he heard the title. From there, he came up with the basis for the song lyrics of “pretty women” dating “gorillas.” He said of the songs origins in an interview:
Now, that is just one of those songs that started with the title. I heard that phrase somewhere and I thought that could be a kind of funny song about gorgeous girls going out with monsters. It just started from there. It was just a funny song, or supposed to be funny. It was a great surprise to me when some people interpreted it as being angry.


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